Our Team

Anjali Kataria

CEO and Co-Founder

Vinay Bhargava

President & Co-Founder

Mike Desjadon

Vice President, Strategic Growth

Robin Weldon Cope

Vice President of Operations and Customer Success

Dr. Herlene Chatha

Medical Director

Amanda Colley

Director of Customer Success

Kevin Kuchar

Creative Director

Arun Srivastav

Engineering Lead

Stephen Burwell

Senior Couselor

Tim Conley


Trish Pannuto

Content Project Manager

Greg Burke

Solutions Engineer

Bennett Parr

Operations Associate

Rieve Bule

Executive Assistant

Deborah Greenwood

Chief Digital Research Officer, Diabetes

Board of Directors

Vinay Bhargava

President & Co-Founder

Anjali Kataria

CEO and Co-Founder

Eric Larsen


Nick Pappas


Rich Wilmot


Business Advisors

Medical Advisors

Dr. Anisha Abraham

Dr. Devinder Bhatia