Our Executive Team

Anjali Kataria

CEO & Co-Founder

Vinay Bhargava

President & Co-Founder

Lisa Ritsky-Lamb

Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Baker

Vice President, People

Dr. Seema Kumar

Medical Director

Stephen Burwell

Senior Counselor

Vinay Ambekar

Executive Vice President, Engineering & Product

Cat Demaree Simmons

Line Producer, Executive In Charge

Our Clinical Leadership Team

Dr. Seema Kumar

Medical Director

Julie Classen

Associate Vice President, Nursing & Clinical Effectiveness

Our Nursing Leadership Team

Dr. Christy Dempsey

Chief Nurse Executive Advisor

Our Board Members

Anjali Kataria

CEO & Co-Founder

Ben Levin

Partner & Co-CEO of Level Equity Management, LLC

Nancy Howell Agee

President and CEO of Carilion Clinic

Vinay Bhargava

President & Co-Founder

Melinda L. Estes, MD

President and Chief Executive Officer of Saint Luke’s Health System

Board Observers

Arthur Tingas

Vice President at Level Equity Management, LLC

Gautam Gupta

Principal at Level Equity Management, LLC

Our Advisors

Calvin Hill


Gokul Rajaram

Company Helper

Joe McKenna

Vice President of Growth & Development at New Century Health

Kay Koplovitz

Co-Founder & Chairman, Springboard Enterprises

Mike Higgins

Managing Principal at Optum

Sally Amoruso

Client Experience and Go-To-Market Expert; Corporate Strategist and Transformational Leader

Who We Are

Mytonomy is a video-based patient engagement company with a singular mission: empower people to actively engage in their health. Mytonomy Cloud for Healthcare enables health systems to reach patients remotely, saving time and valuable resources, while building virtual patient care relationships using award-winning, microlearning video content delivered through an easy-to-use digital engagement platform. With people spending an average of 25-40 minutes engaging with Mytonomy on any device, at any time, they learn how to care for themselves and take charge of their health. Providers save valuable time and generate better financial results; health plans reduce cost of care and patients improve outcomes. Mytonomy is like a “Netflix for healthcare”, enabling healthcare’s digital front door.

What We Do

We apply microlearning and behavioral science principles to healthcare to promote longitudinal patient activation and engagement through our Cloud for Healthcare software platform that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device, anywhere, at any time.

We deploy personalized education and information in a way that empowers patients and strengthens patient-provider relationships and communication. Our interactive, user-friendly platform delivers video, audio, and written content that incorporates microlearning principles and drives greater usage among patients. Patients become more engaged in their health and healthcare. Patients become empowered and confident as they work with their care teams, attending appointments, sharing information and collaborating in their care. This leads to better clinical and financial outcomes.


Who We Serve

Mytonomy's Enterprise SaaS software lays out the architecture for a robust virtual care strategy while increasing revenue, lowering cost, and enhancing clinical outcomes. Our novel CRM enables consumer-internet-like user engagement through short form video content and novel data.


Health Systems

We work with systems of all shapes and sizes to help patients and staff understand how to care for their health before and after visits and in the context of their life.


Employers & Payors

Our health training platform offers custom, curated, content-driven digital touch points and surveys for members and employees to understand and track their health & resources.


Telehealth & Coaching

Mytonomy complements telehealth and remote patient monitoring by serving up pre-and-post-visit engagement to deepen the relationship -- the wrap-around service that would normally occur in an in-person appointment.


Pharma & Medtech

We partner with Pharma and MedTech to build interactive educational programs leveraging tailored content and smart surveys to amplify strategic initiatives and gain novel insights.

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