Bring Video Viewing to
Your Patient Portal

Upgrade Patient Engagement with Seamless Integration

 Mytonomy connects with widely-used software platforms and multiple workflows for more comprehensive integration. We deliver SMART on FHIR integrations through our apps on the Epic Showroom (Connection Hub) and Cerner Code , allowing providers to launch Mytonomy’s Content Assignment application as an embedded app within your EHR. Our apps enable patients to launch Mytonomy Patient Experience Cloud™ (“PEC”) as an embedded content viewer within your patient portal to make viewing easy. Our written materials can also be natively hosted and searched on Epic.

Access to the Right Content at the Right Time

We also exchange HL7 messages via our interface partner, Redox Engine, and support multiple HL7v2 interface types to exchange data with EHRs. These include ADT, Scheduling, Orders, Results, Patient Education, and more. With these interfaces, we can automatically assign relevant content to patients based on events triggered from the patient chart.

As documented on the open.epic website, Epic supports a Mytonomy HL7v2 integration for both the Incoming Patient Education Interface and the Outgoing Patient Education Interface.

Using the Scheduling (Surgery) interface, we've driven the consumption of anesthesia patient education videos at two of our health system partners.


Flexible Triggers for Automation

Associating Mytonomy Patient Education to the Patient Profile through Patient Health Record & Clinical Events

Patient Health Record

ICD-10 Dx, Problem List

  • CCSR Crosswalk
  • Other

ICD-10 Dx, Visit Encounter

  • CCSR Crosswalk
  • Other

Discharged in Last Days

  • Service Line-specific

Procedures in Past Month
Patient Information

  • Mental Health
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Addiction
  • Senior Living

Real-Time Events

Medication Prescribed

Lab Tests / Orders

Radiology Tests / Orders


Revenue Cycle (Bill Pay)

Scheduling Events

Scheduled Procedures

  • Heart
  • Orthopedics
  • Bariatrics
  • Colonoscopy
  • Endoscopy
  • Bronchoscopy
  • GYN Surgeries

Scheduled Appointments

  • Women's Health
  • Diabetes
  • PCP
  • Preventative Care

Every time content is assigned and viewed by patients, we can also send updates back to the EHRs to ensure that the patient’s chart is up to date with all viewership and feedback.

Between our HL7 interfaces and SMART on FHIR apps, we can easily automate content assignments to reduce clinician workload and ensure that the correct content is shared with each patient.

Mytonomy’s integration with Epic

Partnering to Streamline the Assignment & Consumption of Video Content

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Patient Goals

  • I want to be notified when relevant content is available.
  • I want the education in my health systems’ existing app without having to download a 3rd party app.
  • If I have an existing MyChart account, I’d like to use it to access the education but don’t make that the only option.
  • I want to make the overall patient education consumption experience easy.
  • I want to choose which content to watch on any device easily; don’t make me search or make decisions about what content is most relevant.

Provider Goals

  • If my time permits, give me the ability to prescribe content to my patients.
  • I’d like an automated content assignment approach if I don’t have time to assign manually.
  • I’d like to personalize parts of the education while sticking to an overall care plan consistent across similar patient populations.
  • For compliance purposes, I’d like to get credit for assigning the required patient education.
  • I’d like to use the same patient education systems across multiple use cases across the patient journey.