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Enroll Patients Seamlessly in IRB Studies
with Microlearning Video Content

Research Cloud enables participants to consent and enroll in Institutional Review Board (IRB) studies supported by digital study introduction; in-person, remote, or hybrid eConsent; tailored short-form videos; knowledge tests and surveys; and nudging through Email/SMS. Mytonomy's Research Cloud is SOC-2 TYPE-2 compliant and is  used by major health systems. 

Our Platform


Single sign-on and API integration capabilities


Comprehensive data reporting suite with sophisticated analytics


Patient segmentation into cohorts based on various factors, such as medical condition and disease stage


Electronic consent forms that are date/ time-stamped with signature and always accessible to patients/the research team



Ability to store study consent, viewership, and survey data in Mytonomy’s HIPAA-compliant, SOC-2 Type 2 platform


Easy access to study data for participating research institutions during the federal or institution-required period


“The Mytonomy software platform enabled us to deliver an IRB study with microlearning video education that reached a large volume of patients and engaged participants at a high rate. Our patients watched helpful clips explaining how to collect biological samples for clinical analysis. The videos were thorough and informative. We would strongly recommend the Mytonomy Research Cloud for any health system looking to deploy an IRB study.”

– Dr. Neha Pagidipati, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Member of the Duke Clinical Research Institute


  • After using the Mytonomy Research Cloud, for patients with A1C, high rates of content viewership were associated with a one-point reduction at Baseline 8 and a two-point reduction at Baseline 9.
  • In one Mytonomy IRB study, the Mytonomy Research Cloud enabled diversity through our digital platform for “new insulin starts” across low-income areas in the rural South. Minority patients viewed 2X the content of white, non-Hispanic participants.
  • In a Mytonomy research study focused on patients with type 2 diabetes, participants experienced a four-point increase in the Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®) survey, which is significant as each point increase is associated with several thousand dollars in healthcare cost reduction, according to Insignia, the PAM® provider.
  • A specialty pediatric group used an IRB study supported by Mytonomy's Research Cloud to digitize its teen transition program.
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