Mytonomy's Cloud for Maternal Care

The industry's largest collection of maternal care microlearning video education, streamed via Mytonomy's Cloud for Healthcare, answers FAQs, promotes healthy behaviors, and delivers critical information and time savings to expectant mothers and the nurses that serve them.

From conception through delivery, postpartum and beyond, Mytonomy is the virtual nurse assistant for expectant and new mothers. Leveraging the power of Mytonomy's video streaming platform, award-winning maternity care series and a suite of modern, adaptive engagement software applications, Cloud for Maternal Care engages patients throughout their journey.

Along with companion patient education handouts, checklists and FAQs, they are targeted to general pregnancy and personalized by specific risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes and many other conditions. They are crafted to be accessible - and relatable - to a broad range of populations, including Medicaid recipients, who account for 43% of all births but more than 48% of preterm deliveries. Women covered by Medicaid are, as a group, at higher risk for pregnancy complications than those who are privately-insured. Cloud for Maternal Care provides intelligent nudging and personalized education - for all women - in the palm of the patient's hand.


Genetic Testing


Your Body During the First Trimester


Pregnancy and Coronavirus


How Exercise Affects Pregnancy


When to Call the Doctor


Common Tests in the Third Trimester


Stages of Labor


Car Seat Basics

Mytonomy's studio creates innovative, engaging content, providing mothers-to-be with comprehensive video-based healthcare instructions so that patients thrive in each stage of pregnancy, without adding an extra load on nurses.

Mytonomy's package transforms patient-clinician communication, and supports the nursing staff by delivering targeted content, surveys and digital care plans enabling an on-demand concierge-like experience to all mothers.

Mytonomy's Cloud for Maternal Care is preconfigured for rapid deployment with all communications, content, digital care plans and the right level of engagement right out of the box. Our experienced team works with your program to configure the package to your specific workflows and integrate with the EMR.

Mobile and blue box v2-1

Supplementing information provided by the patient's OB/GYN reduces demand on the nursing staff and has enabled Mytonomy to deliver a better experience for both patients and hospital staff across 70+ other medical conditions. At a time when nursing shortages are at an all-time high, Mytonomy's Cloud for Maternal Care helps alleviate extra burden on the system while preserving quality and preparedness.

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