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Improve Patient Satisfaction

Patients love using Mytonomy, and this has translated to high patient satisfaction scores (> 90%) in IRB approved studies with patients viewing the patient instructions pre-arrival, engaging with their care plans post-discharge and across both chronic and acute care, as outpatients and inpatients.   Mytonomy consistently demonstrates 80% or higher patient usage rates.

Drive Clinical Standardization

Reducing clinical variation and improving disease management is a challenge whether it’s a standalone practice, a single hospital, or a multi-hospital system. Mytonomy helps you drive out clinical variation, and improve standardization at scale. Mytonomy provides the most cost-effective and highest quality risk and legal liability protection on the market.

Drive Revenue

Patient and Physician referrals drive top-line revenue growth. With Mytonomy, you can deliver a 5-star high-touch, high tech patient experience with personalized microlearning video content, and you will have the best chance of developing great patient loyalty and long-term growth.

What Clinicians Say

“The patient educational videos help us to be in two places at once. It’s not a replacement for the nurse, it’s an assistant for the nurse” ~ Cath Lab Holding Nurse

What Patients Say

“I didn’t have an email, but my granddaughter does. She got the videos, watched them and came over and showed them to me. I like it a lot. It was so easy. I watched one of them twice. My daughter and son are here today and they watched them too.” ~ 60 year old female