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Increasing Revenue From Elective Procedures

Digital Tools Can Help Patients Decide

Choosing Bariatric Surgery Is a Shared Decision

Deciding on bariatric surgery means overcoming many emotional and physical barriers. Ultimately, a patient’s choice to undergo bariatric surgery comes down to making a shared decision with their doctor. It’s a decision Mytonomy can help support.

Surgeries Increased 

A Chicago area medical center is proof. In a real-world study of over 1,000 patients those who were medically eligible for surgery and who watched Mytonomy videos as part of their pre-surgical counseling elected to move forward with surgery twice as often (20% vs. 9%) compared to those patients who hadn't watched.

6X Return on Investment

The result was an incremental 41 surgeries in a one-year period with an average reimbursement of $17,000 and, total incremental revenue of $697,000, which is more than a 6x return on their investment.

Mytonomy Pays for Itself

Relying on Mytonomy’s assets more than paid for itself and it can do the same for other practices specializing in a wide variety of therapeutic procedures.  

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