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Deliver your content with the industry’s best video-based patient education library on demand.

Mytonomy’s award-winning Cloud for Healthcare, used by hospitals across the country, is now making it easy for healthcare systems to close gaps in care and transition patients from hospital to home through its streaming app, available now on the Roku® platform.

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Streaming Rules

Deliver A Consumer-Friendly Experience

Mytonomy’s TV app is an extension of its Cloud for Healthcare platform that enables healthcare providers to deliver a more modern, consumer-like experience by streaming content. This channel is designed to be white-labeled by health systems to get their brand on the big screen, right next to the apps from major streaming players like Netflix or YouTube.

Streaming is the Future of Viewing

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For the first time, streaming is outpacing cable TV. According to Nielsen figures, streaming TV's share of viewing in July 2022 topped cable TV for the first time. Streaming had a 34.8% share of viewing, up 3.2% from June and jumping 22.6% from a year ago.

Patients Learn on Their Schedule

As home is rapidly becoming the epicenter of care, clinicians can optimize a digital relationship at transitions in care and in-between visits. With Mytonomy, there’s no need for your patient education to be limited to your in-patient units or in-person visits. Patients appreciate the tailored approach and high-quality content and love the ability to watch and rewatch their favorite healthcare episodes on their schedule.

All it takes is a $30 Roku® Streaming Stick®, and any television becomes an extension of your healthcare team.


Trusted and Easy-to-Follow

Whatever medical condition your patients are living with, Mytonomy's got them covered. Informative, award-winning content brings trusted, digestible, and easy-to-follow healthcare instruction into your patient’s living room so they can watch their favorite healthcare shows on their schedule.

Over 100+ Shows Featuring  2,500+ Episodes

Your Mytonomy-powered TV channel will become the go-to medical learning resource. With over 100+ originally produced broadcast quality shows and over 2,000+ episodes, your patients will learn everything they need to know, from managing flu to fractures, taking their blood pressure correctly at home, preparing for surgery, and managing long-term recovery.  Using the science of microlearning, Mytonomy's video education leverages the power of short films and storytelling to work the same way your patients’ brain does, letting them learn more in less time.

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We Did Our Homework

From healthy lifestyle guides to exercises and tips for managing different diagnoses, including Total Joint Replacement, Mytonomy medical experts have done the homework to bring you content that is quick and easy to watch.

Our TV App Comes Fully Loaded

Mytonomy has pre-loaded our first TV app with a few common health conditions to give you a sample of what's possible. Our Diabetes Type 2 New Insulin Starter Kit series contains more than 55 episodes addressing topics such as: "Why Do I Need Insulin?", "Will Insulin Make My Life Harder?" and "What Would Others Think?" Mytonomy addresses the ins and outs of daily insulin usage – how to use it, when to use it, and potential issues that may arise – and covers long-term lifestyle questions with videos like, "Sharing with Family and Friends", "Your Sex Life and Diabetes" and "Diabetes Does Not Have to Take Away Your Culture."


If your license includes a studio license, your custom content will appear in your TV App, promoting your branding and clinical teams. Mytonomy on the Roku platform puts your institution on your patient’s home screen next to big brands like Disney+ and ESPN. Other TV apps released in 2022 include LG, Samsung, Apple TV+, and Sharp. 

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