Sally Amoruso,

Client Experience and Go-To-Market Expert; Corporate Strategist and Transformational Leader

Sally Amoruso serves as Chief Partner Officer for EAB.  Ms. Amoruso sits on the executive committee setting strategy for the firm and is the senior-most executive responsible for driving overall client impact across EAB’s offerings. She co-manages the sales leadership cabinet, leads innovations in go-to-market strategies, supports new business launches, and oversees the quality assurance team that interviews current clients to inform product and service improvement needs. She previously served as General Manager of National and Strategic Accounts for the Advisory Board Company (now Optum). Prior to that, Ms. Amoruso managed the firm’s patient-experience technology and consulting business. Ms. Amoruso initially joined the Advisory Board Company in 1992 and held a variety of executive positions within the company, as well as its sister organization, CEB (now Gartner). She led the launch of several new businesses (physician education, talent management and more). Outside of the Advisory Board Company, she has served as President of several health care retail start-ups.

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