Kay Koplovitz,

Co-Founder & Chairman, Springboard Enterprises

Kay Koplovitz is a founder of USA Network, and served as it's chairwoman & CEO from its founding in 1977 until 1998 when it was sold for $4.5 billion. Kay is the first woman ever to head a television network as the founder and former CEO of USA Networks. Since 2000, Kay has served as Chairman of Springboard Enterprises, where under her leadership, the non-profit venture-catalyst accelerator has been bringing women founders leading transformational businesses to full parity in raising capital. The value of Springboard Enterprises has been validated by a strong 21-year track record of success having created over $27.5 Billion in value, including 216 in M&A transactions, and counts 22 IPOs.  

Board memberships:
Co-Founder & Chairman, Springboard Enterprises and Springboard Growth Capital.
Board Member, Athena Technology Acquisition Corp - SPAC
Founder & former Chairman & CEO, USA Networks

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