What We Do

Founded in 2011 by former executives of Google, Oracle, and the FDA, Mytonomy is the leader in patient experience cloud solutions that drive better health outcomes, lower costs and increased revenue. We apply microlearning and behavioral science principles to healthcare to promote longitudinal patient activation and engagement through our Patient Experience Cloud® software platform that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device, anywhere, at any time.

We deploy personalized education and information in a way that empowers patients and strengthens patient-provider relationships and communication. Our interactive, user-friendly platform delivers video, audio and written content that incorporates microlearning principles and drives greater usage among patients. Patients become more engaged in their health and healthcare. Patients become empowered and confident as they work with their care teams, attending appointments, sharing information and collaborating in their care. This leads to better clinical and financial outcomes.

Our Approach

Recognizing the way people learn today, the rise of consumerism in healthcare and the shortcomings of legacy patient engagement and education applications, we have created an interactive healthcare consumer experience that leverages microlearning and behavioral science to drive unprecedented patient usage and activation. Our mission for our customers is to increase revenue, lower costs, improve patient experience and enhance clinical outcomes. Our approach to doing this is based on the following tenets:

Leverage Microlearning and Behavioral Science

We apply cognitive learning principles and behavioral science to enable patients to access, absorb and use information in the ways of today’s learner– short burst, focused, engaging, personalized, culturally relevant, self-directed content. Learn more about Microlearning here.

Create a User-friendly, High-touch Consumer Experience

We understand that the bar for any user-friendly online experience has been permanently raised. We delight our users with a modern, intuitive application that is flexible, customizable, rapidly deployable and accessible on any mobile device or laptop, at any time, anywhere. This goes not only for patients, but for care teams as well as they deploy educational content, information and surveys to their patients.

Provide Data-driven Insights to Precisely Deliver Personalized Care

We employ active and passive techniques to capture data, apply analytics and use insights to identify knowledge gaps, assign content and define personalized patient care experiences.

Break Down Silos through a Cross-Continuum Platform and Single Data Model

We provide a single platform for patients, families and staff to use across service lines and points of care, whether it is acute, pre- or post-procedure or ongoing, chronic condition management. We capture patient generated data and patient reported outcomes and provide robust reporting and analytics to create a complete profile of a patient, cohort or population.

Easily Mesh with Clinical Workflows

We provide patients and care teams with critical data and knowledge to drive better conversations, better experiences and better outcomes across the care journey. We support care teams to be most effective.

Seamlessly, Securely Integrate with Existing Systems

We deploy Best in Class, highly secure (SOC 2 Type 2 compliant), white-labeled technology that is interoperable with existing infrastructure (EHR, Inpatient Systems, etc.) and scalable across the enterprise.