Improve Patient Satisfaction

Patients’ love for using Mytonomy has yielded >90% patient satisfaction scores in IRB approved studies. With Mytonomy’s consistently high (>80%) patient usage rates, this translates into more of your patients having a more positive patient experience, directly impacting your quality scores.

Reduce Labor Costs

Mytonomy drives out waste and improves efficiency by delivering consistent, effective, personalized clinical information at scale, thereby freeing up resources, better preparing patients and preventing no-shows. Our system records patient-level viewership providing proof of delivered patient education helping reduce liability exposure.

Grow Revenue

Patient and Physician referrals drive top-line revenue growth. Mytonomy’s 5-star, high-touch, leading-edge patient experience delights patients with personalized microlearning content that engenders loyalty, referrals and your long-term growth.

What Clinicians Say

"The patient educational videos help us to be in two places at once. It’s not a replacement for the nurse, it’s an assistant for the nurse” ~ Cath Lab Holding Nurse

What Patients Say

“I didn’t have an email, but my granddaughter does. She got the videos, watched them and came over and showed them to me. I like it a lot. It was so easy. I watched one of them twice. My daughter and son are here today and they watched them too.” ~ 60 year old female