Mytonomy drives revenue growth by reducing appointment no shows, facilitating access and simplifying referrals from physicians to hospital services. Prepared patients are more likely to make their appointments and can easily order transportation if needed. An intuitive referral and scheduling process fosters loyalty of referring physicians.


Mytonomy’s high usage rates (80%+) reflect the way patients want to learn and receive information today. Patients gain more knowledge and are more engaged in their health. They are more satisfied (over 90% satisfaction in IRB studies) and empowered, directly impacting your quality scores.


Knowledgeable, engaged patients show up for appointments and follow their treatment plans, leading to fewer costly no shows and readmissions, and more efficient care delivery. Hospitals can streamline operations and optimize labor while clinicians operate at the top of their license.


Scalable, consistent delivery of personalized patient education helps patients become more knowledgeable and empowered. Patients and care teams are better prepared to work together in care delivery.


Mytonomy helps patients find their voice, gain strength through knowledge and feel collaborative and valued in their care. That means better clinical outcomes for the patient and healthcare provider.

What Clinicians Say

"The patient educational videos help us to be in two places at once. It’s not a replacement for the nurse, it’s an assistant for the nurse” ~ Cath Lab Holding Nurse

What Patients Say

“I didn’t have an email, but my granddaughter does. She got the videos, watched them and came over and showed them to me. I like it a lot. It was so easy. I watched one of them twice. My daughter and son are here today and they watched them too.” ~ 60 year old female