When patients know what to expect when they interact with you, they can be better partners in their own care. By delivering foundational knowledge to a patient outside of your four walls, your staff will get back valuable clinical time and enjoy their more meaningful patient interactions.


With an estimated $7 Billion in cost savings in US Healthcare available by shifting care to lower-cost care settings and into the home, virtual care is quickly becoming the tool of choice for progressive health systems and new companies looking to disrupt the old model and open new “front doors” to healthcare. In order to succeed with virtual care, enable self-care while at home, and help consumers understand how to access the appropriate care setting, you need to create a trusted, lasting relationship with them. Mytonomy uses high quality, personalized content delivered at the right time to the consumer, creating the foundation of a sticky relationship so they turn to you for the right answers and take the right next step in their care.


Built by veterans of Google and Oracle, Mytonomy’s cloud-based platform is designed for the 21st-century mobile consumer that embraces on-demand learning for most tasks. We don’t attend synchronous in-person classes anymore, so your virtual care models must meet consumers “where they are” to succeed in driving behavior change. People expect adaptive learning: figure out what I know, and help me fill in the gaps with your team’s care instructions. Use passive patient viewership to create more robust AI models of care.


Knowledgeable, engaged patients show up for appointments and follow their treatment plans, leading to fewer costly no-shows and readmissions, and more efficient care delivery. 


Mytonomy’s high usage rates (80%+) reflect the way patients want to learn and receive information today. Patients gain more knowledge and are more engaged in their health. They are more satisfied (over 90% satisfaction in IRB studies) and empowered, directly impacting your quality scores.  

What Clinicians Say

"The patient educational videos help us to be in two places at once. It’s not a replacement for the nurse, it’s an assistant for the nurse” ~ Cath Lab Holding Nurse

What Patients Say

“I didn’t have an email, but my granddaughter does. She got the videos, watched them and came over and showed them to me. I like it a lot. It was so easy. I watched one of them twice. My daughter and son are here today and they watched them too.” ~ 60 year old female