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Patient Education Videos for Colonscopy

A colonoscopy is a very common and safe procedure. It is generally pain-free, and most people receive sedating medicine to help them relax and to control any discomfort.

A colonoscopy allows your Doctor to see inside your digestive tract. This can give your Doctor a lot of important information about your health.

Having a colonoscopy is the best way to check for colorectal cancer, which is cancer of the colon or rectum.

This type of cancer is often referred to simply as colon cancer and is the second leading cause of death from cancer in the United States.

Our Colonoscopy library is available in English & Spanish, and includes these titles:

What Is a Colonoscopy?
Why Would I Need A Colonoscopy?
Colorectal Cancer Screening
Preparing for Your Colonoscopy: A Few Days Ahead
Bowel Preparation
When You Arrive at the Surgery Center
The Colonoscopy Procedure
After the Colonoscopy
Recovery at Home
What a Colonoscopy Might Show
Polyps and Biopsies
Frequently Asked Questions

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