Collecting PROMs with Mytonomy Cloud for Healthcare

The industry's most extensive Orthopedic microlearning video education series is integrated with a PROM collection tool and communication reminders and integrated with Epic or other EHR/CRM systems.

Mytonomy, a trusted AAOS PROMs Vendor Program participant, is the enterprise patient education vendor for multiple health systems. Our customers’ recent feedback to KLAS Research resulted in a category-leading score, showcasing our expertise in the field.

The Mytonomy Cloud for Healthcare streams orthopedic patient education video content and provides comprehensive guidance, supporting patients through the entire perioperative journey for joint replacement. Our film studio can also create custom video content for your practice’s custom procedures and protocols.


From the initial Shared Decision-Making and HOOS/KOOS assessment to post-operative rehabilitation and recovery at home, we are there at every step. PROMS are collected and quickly submitted to the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR). We’ve helped Orthopedic Service Lines scale their patient volumes by reducing the need to hire additional nurse navigators.

Available Topics Include:

Additional language support is available upon request.


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Engaging Medicare-eligible Patients

Unlike legacy vendors, Mytonomy focuses on driving actual patient consumption of the video content along with survey completion. Our data shows that Medicare-eligible patients watch over 30 minutes of expert content. Over half of the invited patients log in and watch content. Leading health systems have digitized their pre-surgical orthopedic education classes, moving the experience onto the Mytonomy platform, saving time and resources for clinicians.

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Optimizing the Health and Education of Patients having Orthopedic Surgery Means:
  • Reducing Delays in Scheduling Surgery 
  • Improved Surgical Outcomes
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction
  • Decreased LOS
  • Patients Recovering at Home Instead of Returning to the Hospital
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Mytonomy Cloud for Healthcare is preconfigured for rapid deployment with all communications, content, digital care plans, and the right level of engagement right out of the box. Our team (with experience at Epic, Oracle, and Google) works with your program to configure the solution to your specific workflows and integrate it with your EMR.

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