Patient Education Videos for Knee Replacement Surgery

From the moment we take our first steps, our knees are hard at work. Most people walk about 100,000 miles in a lifetime. That's more than four times around the globe! With that kind of mileage, it's no surprise that knees wear out. Each year, about 700,000 people have a total knee replacement. Patients should think about a knee replacement when first line treatments like pain relievers, icing, injections, and physical therapy aren't helping.

After knee replacement, many people are able to move their joint as well as they could before they had problems. The more effort patients put into physical therapy exercises before and after surgery, the better the results will be. But even with 100% effort, some people may have muscle or bone conditions that surgery cannot fix. Not everyone ends up with full movement and zero pain.

Mytonomy has a library of videos selected by each patient's care team. Patients can learn about their conditions, find answers to common questions, and learn steps they can take to get back to better health. The videos are easy to understand, packed with information, and short. Many people share these videos with loved ones so they know what patients are going through and what to expect.

Why Would I Need a Knee Replacement?

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