Case Study

Reducing Call Volumes Through Patient Education 

Video-Based Learning Can Enhance Workflow Efficiency

In June 2021, CSL-Loudoun (“The Colon, Stomach & Liver Center and the Loudoun Endoscopy Group”) adopted Mytonomy’s video education on colonoscopy to ease patient anxiety and make them more knowledgeable about their upcoming procedures. The initial deployment was so successful that months later, CSL-Loudoun incorporated GERD and endoscopy as well. 

Large call volumes? No problem

To combat the issue of large call volumes at CSL-Loudoun, the Mytonomy team developed a bulk upload feature that enabled patients to be onboarded to the Mytonomy platform in large quantities. So instead of calling the practice with questions, they watched informational videos about their imminent procedures. 

In December 2021, six months after launching this new feature, Mytonomy had cut the number of calls at the practice by nearly a third. 

Mytonomy can handle patient overload

In June 2021, when Mytonomy’s colonoscopy content was initially rolled out, CSL-Loudoun fielded eight calls for every procedure it administered. By December 2021, the practice's average number of calls per procedure had gone down by 27.5%. 

Mytonomy improved patient engagement

By May 2022, patients had watched 11,188 minutes of Mytonomy content. Assuming an 8-hour work day, this is equivalent to 23.3 days worth of instruction from a single clinician. The content was also received positively: patients, on average, rated the videos 4.84/5 stars, indicating high favorability.

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