Our Difference

Our combination of evidence-based medical instructions and native video production, married with Silicon Valley software thinking is our special sauce.


Mytonomy is a company that was born in the era of mobile, social, and video applications. Just as Encyclopedia Britannica didn’t create the world’s most popular search engine, it will be difficult for your legacy vendors to lead your digital transformation efforts. High rates of user engagement are what sets us apart from the legacy vendors: If a patient doesn’t use the product, it can’t have an impact. With usage comes the potential for increased HCAHPS, reduced labor burden on staff, and the promise of home-based care.

We’ve yet to meet a legacy patient education vendor that focuses on usage and clinician satisfaction. Mytonomy’s rapid growth stems from rapidly replacing legacy vendors.  

What we’ve learned in these replacement discussions is the following:  1) Physicians often refuse to use the legacy vendor patient education products, because, even though the content is evidence-based or follows the nursing content, it’s not what physicians would say to patients today;  2) Legacy vendors have not made it easy for physicians to update their content to satisfy what physicians want to say; and 3) Systems feel “nickel and dimed” for any changes or support they need after the first year of the contract.  

Mytonomy brings a whole new model into healthcare with a very strong, clinically effective patient education library that is ready-to-go and off-the-shelf.  No changes are needed.  However, with a full Studio behind us, we are equipped to deliver any changes that are requested and can turn this around very fast. 

We are also producing an entirely new kind of content, broadcast quality content, that can span a mobile device, a TV, a computer or watch, providing video-based infrastructure for the future of healthcare, which is rapidly moving to the living room.

Why Healthcare Organizations Are Switching to Mytonomy


Legacy Vendors

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Healthcare Microlearning

Limited microlearning within their modules often exceeds 5 minutes in length, and length being the only 1 of 15 microlearning principles followed in their content.

We use the full 15 principles of healthcare microlearning in all of our 2000+ videos, with average length across all of our videos being 1-3 min.

All videos incorporate the brain science of microlearning to help patients engage and retain information more than ever before.

Health System Brand Enhancement

Promote their own brand or offer healthcare system branding in a limited way: they will put your logo on their portal site.

Mytonomy’s Studio also puts your logo on the portal site but delivers much more branding opportunities than just the logo:

  1. We readily replace any of our staff clinicians or actors with your own to help build relationships with your patients
  2. We drop in your branding and color palette throughout the 2000+ video library
  3. We drop in your b-roll in select videos
  4. You can select music, intros and/or outros that will reflect your brand and community
  5. We can create bespoke content about your organization, using your experts, with your branding should you have a new facility or are launching a new clinical practice area

Self-Service, Master Enterprise & Content Management

Static learning modules with a limited ability to offer self-paced approaches or for patients to choose and select additional content. Many restrictions on supplementing with 3rd party content or your own (you have to give the content to a legacy vendor, and they will update your education platform for you).

Mytonomy’s Cloud for Healthcare offers significant self-service capabilities, a consumer-oriented design akin to Netflix or Amazon Prime. This is a modern, enterprise cloud platform with many capabilities such as a content management system to manage all content in one place and efficiently redeploy for RPM, other applications, including integration with CRM and EHR.

Our Content Cloud is a robust digital care plan publishing platform that allows you to bring any of your existing content or 3rd party licensed content onto our platform, anytime you want, with a click of a button.

Our white-labeled products mean your patients never have to leave your system.

Modern Scalable Architecture

Most of the major legacy solutions were built before the iPhone and were modernized with outdated IT capabilities as the foundation of the product.

We are mobile-native, giving patients the freedom to watch on their phones, laptops or TVs - really any device - anywhere they are.

We combine patient viewing with surveys that they can complete via their phone while watching their content on their TV, or PC/Laptop. This is a web-enabled enterprise cloud platform.

Video Content Quality

Some of the existing vendors will tell you they make high quality video education, but really they provide low quality video (not filmed in 4K or 6K) and voice over powerpoint style “clip-art “ (not streaming video filmed in 2D). Their animation results in a dated feel or low-quality video not suitable for a TV.

Mytonomy's in-house studio and staff of creative professionals have amassed 80+ awards alongside Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Channel, Microsoft (xBox), PBS Digital Studios, Warner Bros. Worldwide TV Marketing, and more.

We are the recognized pace car in high quality streaming content for healthcare.

We deliver higher usage than industry standards because our content is dynamic, engaging, and broadcast-quality.

Rapid Growth

Legacy solutions have often been acquired by bigger companies with little continued innovation under the new owners, until now, when they are losing deals to Mytonomy. None of the business units that contain the legacy vendors or the legacy vendors themselves are recognized for rapid growth or innovation.

Led by serial entrepreneurs with experience from Oracle, Google, Microstrategy, Informatica and other leading Silicon Valley companies - innovation is in our DNA.

Our novel CRM is built for rapid growth. Our in-house award-winning studio and enterprise cloud for healthcare is built with a modular approach to enable growth at scale.

True Cloud Based Services

Publishers issue press releases announcing ‘pre-release’ versions that may not be available to demo - much less put into use - immediately.

Don't be fooled by the vaporware announcements of legacy vendors.

All products listed on Mytonomy's website are actual capabilities that we can demo and that are available for purchase today with a sophisticated digital architecture and robust roadmap for the future.

There are no future-looking, “pre-release" products mentioned on our website.

Patient-Centric Education

Often claim that their best-in-class nursing education or physician product can be repurposed for patient education, so you only need one content review. But do patients want the same education that their physicians and nurses get? No they don’t. Proof is in the usage reports which reflect significantly lower uptake than Mytonomy.

At Mytonomy, we don’t repurpose content. We create original content geared to a patient / caregiver audience that follows the same deep clinical guidance and evidence basis as all of the other legacy vendors.

The difference is that we gear our education to the needs of patients / caregivers and this is 100% our focus.

Explaining healthcare to the general public at the 5th-grade literacy level is a different goal than educating clinically-trained healthcare providers.

By incorporating respectful language guidelines, empathetic communication and high quality production, our platform creates an experience that has been proven to reduce anxiety and promote digital engagement well above industry standards.

Our solutions do not “scare” patients away, they educate and inform so your risk mitigation gets the benefit b/c patients are watching the content.

Straightforward Pricing

Often have hidden costs that are a surprise down the road.

Enterprise pricing tailored to your system’s specific needs ensures you pay for what you need not for what you don’t. All fees are clearly outlined up front so there’s no surprise.

Our platform is flexible and modular so we can tailor a solution to fit any need and virtually any budget.

Best-in-Class Support

Often viewed as less-responsive to client requests.

Our platform is intuitive and has robust self-service capabilities combined with high-touch support from our Professional Services team anytime you need it.

Our dedicated Professional Services team is hungry and entrepreneurial. The level of service and relationships we have developed with our clients is a key reason we have made the Inc. 5000 list of Faster-Growing Companies in the US two years running.

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