Mytonomy’s Microlearning Library - Patient Education Videos

Mytonomy has developed a robust set of microlearning patient education videos that enable people suffering from chronic conditions (such as diabetes, heart failure, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, asthma, COPD and other illnesses) or patients about to undergo procedures (such as cardiac catheterization, heart surgery, TAVR, colonoscopy, imaging tests such as MRI and others) to become more activated and participate in their treatments.

Patient Education content in healthcare has historically been viewed as a commodity with “check-the-box” compliance-driven thinking leading to poorly crafted content. Ask health systems if their patient education “works”, and you might get an awkward silence.

When patients are not sick, they are consumers, and many choose to spend their discretionary income on high quality content services like Netflix, attend movies, or watch pay TV. There is ample data outside of the healthcare space to demonstrate that high-quality content attracts and retains audiences. For health systems looking to digitally engage their patients, this is a key point to note.

Patient education that is consumed with high levels of satisfaction can lead to activated patients who are able to participate in their treatments. Patients who are activated and empowered are more likely to practice better self-care. They are also less likely to unnecessarily use the ER or be admitted to a hospital.

Mytonomy’s in-house content team is lead by a Telly-award-winning producer and a medical director that coordinates the medical review of our content by our extended medical advisory board. Our early customers include highly ranked US News and World Report Top Hospitals that provide early adopter input into our content as well.

Mytonomy seeks to build the country’s first 100% microlearning patient education video library, and we are off to a great start, with leading thought leaders choosing to partner with us. We have modules in the following areas. Click a module below to learn more:

For service lines not yet natively covered by Mytonomy content, we partner with a leading non-profit health content provider to address those areas, allowing us to service a healthcare system across the top 70 health conditions on Day 1 of our engagement with our combined offering.