Microlearning Patient Education Video Styles

Mytonomy is at the forefront of producing microlearning video content for healthcare. Applying microlearning principles, Mytonomy provides video content that is easy to watch and is understood by people at all health literacy levels. Microlearning is how we learn today – retrieving specialized, short bites of information, in real-time.

Mytonomy’s microlearning content emphasizes appropriate language when interacting with patients. We incorporated these guidelines into our content because we understand and believe that the language we use matters. Words can empower people and support self-management; they can also hurt and make living with a chronic condition more challenging. Mytonomy’s microlearning videos encourage healthcare providers to use person-centered, strength-based empowering language when speaking with and about people with all chronic conditions.

Microlearning video content is produced in different styles based on subject matter and intent and keeping the patient experience at the forefront. Content is deployed based on an individual’s personal profile created from active and passive data capture techniques. Our microlearning videos come in four different styles:

Live Narrative: Broader topics related to clinical diagnosis/procedure and explaining patient perspectives. Delivered as a first person narrative or testimonial based on primary research and including relevant clinician and patient experiences.  

Live Instruction: Specific instructions related to a diagnosis or procedure. Delivered as a first person instructional narrative that adheres to standards of care and includes relevant clinician instruction.  

2D or 2.5D Animation: Complex information presented in an accessible style to reduce worry, anxiety and fear. Delivered as motion graphic animation in an instructional and engaging format.  

Video Scribe: Complex information presented in an accessible style to reduce worry, anxiety and fear. Delivered as animation and onscreen drawing and sketching as a visually engaging alternative to live instruction.  

Sample of Our Microlearning Library

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