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Mytonomy makes accessing its video library easy through its proprietary software platform that integrates seamlessly with a provider’s existing network. There are no apps to download or offsite web addresses to learn, making the process of watching videos frictionless for patients.

Videos can automatically be assigned to patients based on existing conditions and/or patient events (admissions, procedures, discharges), and may also be integrated into popular EMRs for clinician ordering.

The flexible nature of the platform means patients can engage with their care on any device – phone, tablet, computer, or TV in your facility or their living room.

Custom content for your institution can be produced in Mytonomy’s award-winning film studio.

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Why Healthcare Organizations Are Switching To Mytonomy

Mytonomy engages patients more deeply in their own care, so they can lead healthier happier lives.

Reducing clinician burden with video-based patient engagement has never been more important. Or easier. 

Integrated with Epic, the Mytonomy solution automatically delivers  evidence-based patient education video content with intelligent “nudging” across the entire care continuum. Our award-winning studio produces our content in English and Spanish, and our platform can also host your system’s in-house content: videos, PDFs, and more.

Mytonomy improves patient experience and outcomes while increasing efficiencies for clinicians. 

The average patient will forget about 80% of what they learn in their doctor's office soon after leaving.

Mytonomy delivers the right patient instruction to each patient before, during and after their visit or procedure, through a new healthcare microlearning streaming platform. Patients can view their short video playlists, as many times as they need to, and patients do.  Mytonomy patients are highly engaged and have better outcomes, without any extra burden on the clinician.  In fact, Mytonomy patients are happier, highly satisfied and ready to engage in their care, coming into their visit or procedure in ways they’ve never been before. 

Mytonomy achieves these results by leveraging the consumer behavior of streaming high quality broadcast level video content.  We know that 50% of Americans are streaming entertaining content weekly, so why not leverage that into healthcare, creating a consumer oriented engagement approach around patient instruction?  Mytonomy’s Cloud for Healthcare does exactly that - transforming patient / clinician communications by streaming on-demand, healthcare microlearning video instructions, integrated with intelligent patient nudging. 

The result:  clinicians save time, combat misinformation and activate patients. Mytonomy adapts to each patient across the entire journey, intelligently nudging the patient based on their own viewing and engaging patterns, giving patients remotely, a great experience  improving staff experience, and lowering the cost of care.

Mytonomy supports a wide range of leading health systems such as Carilion Clinic, Memorial Hermann, Saint  Luke’s Health, Hackensack Meridian Health and Rush Health Systems who have already  switched to Mytonomy, as it’s a better way to engage patients in managing their care.

At a time when healthcare staff are severely overworked and fatigued, Mytonomy is their virtual assistant. 

Mytonomy's Cloud for Cardiology

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Cardiology Microlearning Video Library

Developed in partnership with leading heart centers, Mytonomy’s Cloud for Cardiology holds the most comprehensive collection of cardiovascular and cardiology videos (700+) in the industry, spanning an extensive list of procedures and conditions including CABG, TAVR, electrophysiology procedures, heart failure and full a cardiometabolic library of 200+ microlearning videos, handouts and information sheets.


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"Mytonomy provided exceptional content on hypertension and hyperlipidemia for our cardiovascular remote health program. In addition, we are very impressed by the development process for new medical videos that we developed together. Our patients responded positively to the video content that helped them work on their cardiac health."

Dr. Christopher Cannon

Education Director, Cardiovacsular Innovation, Preventive Cardiology Section, Brigham and Women's Hospital

“Since the outset of COVID, Rush has been exploring new ways to maintain and nurture digital relationships with patients.   People are eager to engage with Mytonomy's content and it helps us stay connected to them.  The Mytonomy team has been so supportive and helpful – they’re always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the tools are working for us and our patients."

Tara Nooteboom

Manager of Digital Patient Engagement at Rush University Medical Center

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