Digital Health & Coaching Platforms

Mytonomy partners with digital health and coaching platforms. The business collaboration may focus on management of a specific condition, like diabetes, or general health. Mytonomy develops and provides educational and informational content that is deployed by digital health/coaching programs to enable those programs to be most effective in achieving their clinical and financial goals.

Mytonomy may provide existing microlearning patient education videos or develop exclusive custom microlearning video content pertinent to the digital health platform. We work with our partner to outline, script, film, edit and produce specific video content. Third party content can also be made available.

In addition, the platform company can license the Mytonomy Patient Experience Cloud for hosting, delivery, survey management, data and reporting on patient usage, as well as online patient enrollment and consent. Roles-based administration for coaches, educators and staff governs workflow, curation and assignment of personalized information at scale. Content is deployed using APIs branded to the digital health/coaching company and delivered through their platform.  These partnerships include data sharing and custom reporting as well as APIs to send and receive data to/from mobile platforms.