Mytonomy Selected to Participate in AWS Healthcare Accelerator: Global Cohort for Workforce (2023). Learn More

Mytonomy Selected to Participate in AWS Healthcare Accelerator: Global Cohort for Workforce (2023). Learn More

Mytonomy Releases Cloud For Maternal Care



Designed To Engage New Mothers Across The Pregnancy Journey

Largest library of patient-engagement video content empowers expectant and new mothers with vital information and expert tips.


Bethesda, MD Mytonomy, the industry leader in video-based patient engagement and healthcare microlearning video education, is advancing patient education during Health Literacy Month with its new Cloud for Maternal Care, a comprehensive virtual care offering for all expectant and new mothers spanning healthy pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum.

“Our Cloud for Maternal Care gives every woman an on-demand concierge-like experience, providing the right information for each stage of their pregnancy,” says Mytonomy CEO and Co-Founder Anjali Kataria. "We’re delivering evidence-based content that drives modern engagement and better outcomes while giving new moms and nurses a great experience.“

At a time when healthcare providers are facing historic staffing challenges, Mytonomy’s Cloud for Maternal Care helps save staff time and reduces the nurse workload.

“What I like about Mytonomy is that patients can access this valuable information from home at any time,” says Jaclyn Nunziato, M.D., Carilion Clinic Obstetrics and Gynecology. “It's not a replacement for a provider, but it helps reinforce the information we share with patients in an engaging way through video. The Healthy Pregnancy Module is an important addition to any maternal care program in setting up both mom and baby for a healthier future."

Mytonomy's Labor & Delivery as well as the Postpartum Modules are peer-reviewed, and broadcast quality, covering a range of topics and styles such as live clinician instruction, animation and new mothers sharing their own experiences. "If I could have had these videos to understand what to expect and how to care for myself and my baby, I would have felt very empowered," says Mytonomy Emmy Award-winning supervising producer Abigail Sharon, who wrote, produced and directed the Labor and Delivery video series. "That is what we are trying to do at Mytonomy: deliver content that is simple, useful, engaging, and available anytime, anywhere.”

Mytonomy’s award-winning maternity care series, consisting of 90+ titles in both English and Spanish, is delivered via a suite of modular, adaptive engagement software applications serving the patient from conception to delivery, postpartum and beyond. Mytonomy’s Cloud for Maternal Care also provides personalized patient education and intelligent nudging based on risk factors and engagement patterns. This collection, combined with Mytonomy's existing women's health and NICU content, is collectively the largest library of women's healthcare microlearning video content in the industry. Mytonomy will also be embarking on a fertility series in 2022.

Mytonomy’s Cloud for Maternal Care comes pre-configured for rapid deployment, with all content, communications, and digital care plans, including videos, informative patient education handouts, checklists, and FAQs. Patients receive trusted information from their clinicians, available 24/7 giving them the best chance for a successful outcome.

As accessibility is key to improved outcomes, Mytonomy's content is crafted to be accessible–and relatable–to a broad range of populations, including Medicaid recipients, who account for 43% of all births and more than 48% of preterm deliveries. Women covered by Medicaid are, as a group, at higher risk for pregnancy complications than those who are privately-insured. Cloud for Maternal Health covers the pregnancy journey, for all women, with a special emphasis on diverse, low-income, working mothers who are often on the go, and need to keep up with rapidly evolving information.

Health Literacy Month, celebrated every October, recognizes the importance of making health information accessible to diverse learners. Mytonomy is at the forefront of this effort, uniquely capturing cultural relevancy and delivering healthcare information respectfully, in plain language at a 4th-to-6th-grade comprehension level via microlearning. Using scenario-based healthcare microlearning–an approach designed to deliver a single, focused idea, Mytonomy’s videos leverage the brain's natural cognitive-skills to optimize comprehension and retention by viewers.​


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About Mytonomy

Mytonomy is reshaping the future of patient engagement so that patients can lead healthier, happier lives. Mytonomy’s Cloud for Healthcare is a new CRM that enables clinicians to work more efficiently, combat misinformation and enhance quality of care. Integrated with intelligent nudging to activate patients throughout their care journey. Mytonomy also creates efficiencies for providers while providing streaming broadcast-quality microlearning videos and integrated communications. Mytonomy adapts to each patient to deliver a tailored experience resulting in digital transformation and a new model of virtual care.

Mytonomy’s entire Cloud for Healthcare including maternal care and 70+ other conditions is delivered via a single engagement platform, fully integrates with Epic, Cerner, other leading EMRs, and is also available through Xealth and Redox. Mytonomy has multiple validated studies on the benefits and outcomes achieved across major medical conditions and procedures, and positively complements all major healthcare CRM campaigns to work more efficiently and achieve exponentially better engagement.

Mytonomy is considered an essential part of a healthcare organization’s digital transformation efforts and is listed #835 on the 2021 Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the US. The Mytonomy Film Studio has won 50+ Digital Health and Telly Awards for modern patient education since 2019, with a Master Catalog of over 2,000 healthcare microlearning videos making it the largest healthcare microlearning video library in the industry. To learn more about Mytonomy’s Cloud for Healthcare, please visit

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