Mytonomy Earns Category Leading Score in KLAS Spotlight Report (2024). Learn More

Mytonomy Earns Category Leading Score in KLAS Spotlight Report (2024). Learn More

Engaging New Mothers and Improving Maternal Health With Microlearning

Anjali Kataria, CEO & Co-Founder, Mytonomy

At a time when healthcare providers are facing historic staffing and scheduling challenges, Mytonomy's healthcare microlearning video education and patient engagement platform are considered an essential toolkit.  Mytonomy's Cloud for Maternal Care helps new mothers throughout their journey with practical information delivered in bite-size learning modules tailored to the individual user.  

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The United States has one of the highest rates of maternal mortality among high-income countries: some 17 maternal deaths for every 100,000 live births in 2018. In addition, tens of thousands of women suffer serious complications relating to pregnancy and childbirth. Yet many of these deaths and complications are preventable. 

Mytonomy's Cloud for Maternal Care brings the best of technology and content streaming to help prevent these unnecessary deaths and complications by informing the mother along the way on what to watch for, and how to have the healthiest pregnancy possible for their level of health risk.  Since maternal deaths often don't happen in the hospital, and with healthcare providers chronically overburdened, educating mothers-to-be and their caregivers remotely is essential for successful pregnancies and healthy deliveries.


Curated and delivered digitally by each patient's OB-GYN team, Mytonomy's Cloud for Maternal Care platform includes microlearning video educational series that are streamed to patients on any device. In addition to videos it includes informative patient education handouts, checklists, and FAQs, and clinically validated surveys, targeted to general pregnancy challenges as well as highly specific risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, postpartum depression, and other conditions that can dramatically change a patient’s pregnancy experience and outcomes. 

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Patients access the materials on a smart device - like a phone - for an experience that is organic and easy to integrate into their everyday lives. They have all of Cloud for Maternal Care's information in the palm of their hands, available 24/7 and as frequently as needed.


Cloud for Maternal Care covers the pregnancy journey for all women, with a special emphasis on women who face obstacles to healthcare and mothers who are often on the go and need to keep up with rapidly evolving information. It provides personalized patient education and intelligent nudging based on a patient's risk factors and engagement factors.

The content is crafted to be accessible - and relatable - to a broad range of populations, including Medicaid recipients, who account for 43% of all births and more than 48% of preterm deliveries. Women covered by Medicaid are, as a group, at higher risk for pregnancy complications than those who are privately-insured. 

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Microlearning is an engaging learning process that focuses patients on a single idea at a time; essentially breaking ideas down into "bite-sized" sections. Combined with careful analysis and precise word choice, this approach makes learning fast, efficient and enjoyable. Mytonomy is at the forefront of this effort, uniquely capturing cultural relevancy and delivering healthcare information respectfully, in plain language at a 4th-to-6th-grade comprehension level via microlearning.


Mytonomy's Labor & Delivery and Postpartum Modules and related content are created with new mothers in mind, carefully vetted by clinicians, peer-reviewed, and broadcast-quality covering a range of topics and styles such as live clinician instruction, animation and new mothers sharing their own experiences.  

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Cloud for Maternal Care consists of 160 videos in seven major categories and are integrated into a CRM that is informative and easy to manage for patients and practitioners alike. Results can be personalized - in English or Spanish - based on specific needs determined by patient surveys. And healthcare systems that already use Mytonomy resources in Orthopedics and Cardiology will find integration to be an easy, organic process.

The Mytonomy Cloud for Maternal Care comes pre-configured  with all communications, content, and digital care plans for rapid deployment. The Mytonomy Customer Success team and Film Studio can customize the video content to reflect a Labor and Delivery Program’s specific approach, all working in unison to create a better experience for all.

Supplementing information provided by their physician has enabled Mytonomy to deliver a better experience for both patients and hospital staff across 70+ other medical conditions. At a time when nursing shortages are at an all time high, Mytonomy’s Cloud for Maternal Care helps alleviate extra burden on the system while preserving quality, and preparedness.  

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