Mytonomy Earns Category Leading Score in KLAS Spotlight Report (2024). Learn More

Mytonomy Earns Category Leading Score in KLAS Spotlight Report (2024). Learn More

Educating Patients About Hip and Knee Surgeries

Dr. Seema Kumar, Medical Director, Mytonomy


Whether due to longer lifespans or increasing waistlines, arthritis of the hips and knees is on the rise. Not surprisingly, the need for hip and knee surgeries is increasing year over year. Around 7 million Americans are currently living with a hip or knee replacement, and the number of knee replacements alone in the US is expected to increase 143% by 2050.


However, patients may be reluctant to schedule surgery due to apprehension or lack of understanding about the procedure. This can lead to delays in needed treatment. For health care organizations and providers, a delay in treatment is a missed opportunity that may reduce the treatment options a patient can pursue.


Educating patients about the surgical process

With increasingly limited face-to-face time with their doctors, patients are turning to online sources for further education about their care. With on-demand, short-term, cloud-based videos created from evidence-based sources, peri-operative instruction can be supported with engaging and educational videos that are:

  • Accessible on any device

  • Written in language that is accessible and inclusive

  • Based on Microlearning principles that drive engagement and retention

  • Easily watched, stored, and shared

Watching the videos before a clinical visit can improve the quality of interaction during the visit. Watching after the visit can improve retention and compliance. Family members and caregivers can view the videos as well, and, unlike office visits, videos can be viewed as many times as desired.


Surgeries are then more likely to be scheduled in a timely fashion and less likely to be canceled. Recovery can be more effectively managed, leading to fewer callbacks for the medical practice and improved patient experience. Early adoption of this model from the first visit may also help decrease further delays.



Helping patients manage their recovery

Post-discharge, videos are a great way to deliver discharge instructions to support the patient’s recovery plan, covering topics like:

  • Incision Care
  • Signs to Call your Care Team
  • Pain Management
  • Home-Based Rehabilitative Exercises

Mytonomy videos provide a consistent source of key education without taxing the schedules of medical staff. It's how Mytonomy gives clinicians extra tools to support patient care in an increasingly digital world.


How Does Microlearning Work?

Healthcare is changing, and one-on-one time between patients and clinicians is at a premium. During a clinical visit, patients may only retain 49% of information their doctors give them—resulting in low patient recall that may negatively impact patient engagement.

Each video is essentially an extension of the patient's care team, answering questions and addressing concerns, without increasing clinicians' workloads. Microlearning videos are an on-demand resource that patients can refer to multiple times if needed, surmounting the hurdles of access and convenience in patient education. They can also be used as a tool for helping integrate the patient as a member of their care team.

Because of Mytonomy’s novel healthcare CRM, the patient communications experience is tailored to specific needs which results in a shared decision-making model between clinician and patient.

Patients need and want more control over their own care; they want to be empowered. Mytonomy’s microlearning videos provide that empowerment. Please reach out to to learn more.

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