Pharma & Medtech

Mytonomy partners with pharmaceutical and medical technology companies to develop microlearning educational content. Typically underwritten by the company, together we develop interactive, educational programs that fit into a strategic initiative of the pharma/medtech partner.

Mytonomy participates in work groups and collaborates with our partners to conceptualize, design, script and produce content. Mytonomy works to understand the specific use cases and audiences and determines what styles to implement. Microlearning video content is produced in different styles based on subject matter and intent and keeping the patient experience at the forefront. Mytonomy incorporates patient feedback iteratively into the content design process and tests for any technology access issues.

Mytonomy also incorporates basic data collection and reporting on viewership and usage. Feedback on various types of measures, such as: usefulness, satisfaction with content, overall patient experience and self-efficacy, may also be included. Mytonomy can design and implement surveys to be used for viewers of microlearning videos, including pre-viewing and post-viewing surveys on attitudes toward a patient’s condition or therapies.