Patient Experience Cloud


The Mytonomy Patient Experience Cloud TM

The easy to use patient-facing delivery application combined with the enterprise content management system allows hospitals to deliver precise clinical messages enabling a personalized patient experience enterprise-wide. Our robust data analytics and patient clusters based on machine learning deliver clinical insight, allowing hospitals to treat patients differently based on their needs and optimize clinical operations and care. 

Industry-leading patient usage rates mean your patients will be engaged. Our microlearning content makes it possible. Microlearning is how we learn today, with short look-up videos helping consumers with home improvement tasks, or how to learn a skill. 

Delivering a curated personalized set of microlearning video instructions is highly effective. We can be up and running with an enterprise set of content to meet all major medical procedures and conditions within 2 weeks of contract signing, delivering a highly specific precise set of patient instructions for your institution and your patients. 

We enable the custom content your own staff wants to deliver with any third party licensed content that you want to include, alongside Mytonomy’s signature patient experience microlearning video education. We help you give the right education to the right patients so they can access it anywhere, anytime and from any device.




The Mytonomy Library Manager

With our enterprise content manager, Mytonomy provides a way to manage all of your patient education content (across multiple formats: PDFs, video, audio, images, URLs) from any source. No need to replace any existing material, just put it in our Library Manager, and delivery a standard patient education offering across all of your clinical entry points. 

We can host your hospital created content, Mytonomy created video microlearning, written content from Staywell Krames, and any other content you may have. 

We make it easy to deliver patient education that is 90% the same across your hospitals, while allowing for 10% customization, allowing you to alter the parking directions, welcome videos, and any other hospital-specific information.


Dashboard and Analytics

Mytonomy offers both individual patient-level viewership & survey results, as well as aggregated patient viewership across populations.

The Patient Snapshot Card summarizes the “how”, “what”, “when” and “why” of engagement.

Viewership Reports by Patient offer risk reduction and compliance benefits: nurses fulfill their requirements to deliver patient education, while the health system gains legal protection and potentially reduced insurance premiums. Mytonomy delivered surveys span standard clinical assessments like PHQ-9, but systems can also design custom surveys. 

This robust combination of content viewership and survey data enables Mytonomy to cluster patients and build analytical models of behavior, allowing systems to optimize patient appointment time, staffing allocation, and other operational metrics.

Population Metrics allow systems to identify trends in behaviors across demographics. It’s a mobile world out there, but most 68-year-old cardiac patients are consuming their patient education videos on Windows PCs using the Chrome browser. How does that inform your overall communication strategy?