Health Systems

We have talked and worked with dozens of hospitals.  We understand their concerns around patient satisfaction, readmission rates, avoidable use of the ED and patient no shows for appointments.  We also recognize that delivery of educational content is not a one time event. To have an impact on patient adherence and compliance requires continuous communication throughout the patient’s care journey.

We help health systems across all of these dimensions.  With these measurable outcomes in mind, Mytonomy works with a health system to customize their instance of our Patient Experience Cloud™, enabling the health system to deploy personalized content at scale and over time.  Surveys and assessments, coupled with usage and viewership information, allow the health system to learn more about their patients and more specifically target educational content based on individual patient responses and where they are on the care continuum.  The health system can run outreach campaigns to remind patients of appointments or reinforce important information.

As patients engage, they become more knowledgeable, less anxious and more empowered to collaborate in their care.  This leads to lower no show rates, greater adherence to treatment plans, lower readmissions and higher overall satisfaction with their experience. Chronically ill patients also have support throughout their journey resulting in fewer, avoidable ER visits or admissions.

Some specific examples of opportunities include:

  • Imaging - using Mytonomy patient education and reminders to reduce no show rates
  • Chronic Care (such as heart failure or diabetes) - running campaigns to drive adherence to care plans
  • Cardiac Procedures - educating patients on what to expect, wound care and the importance of following discharge plans, resulting in higher patient satisfaction, fewer readmissions due to infections and better outcomes
  • Oncology - providing information to enable shared decision making

Health systems also use the Patient Experience Cloud to provide training for their staffs.  Microlearning educational content can be provided from existing content or custom produced for care team training.  As in other organizations, microlearning for clinical staffs is effective in improving retention, increasing productivity and lowering costs.  Our training does not replace continuing education, but rather is typically focused on specific hospital policies, procedures or practices or provided for basic clinical knowledge. The health system can track usage and viewership by their teams and deploy surveys, just as they would with patients.