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What is Mytonomy?

Mytonomy is a near-peer mentoring network for college and career. Advice givers record videos sharing advice and insights about major decisions like choosing a college, major, or career.

How is Mytonomy different than other online sources of information?

There are a lot of online resources for students to learn about colleges, majors, and careers, but we wanted to provide more than just anonymously written reviews. We view storytelling as a more engaging way for students to learn about these topics. Mytonomy serves as a high school's alumni archive of stories, allowing the advice to be further localized.

How does Mytonomy work?

Advice givers record short videos, typically 2 to 5 minutes long, using a smartphone camera, web-cam, or flip screen video camera. Next, advice givers register, sign in, then upload their videos assigning them to appropriate categories and questions. Advice seekers can then search for free through our database for videos covering specific questions relating to high school, the college process, colleges, majors, careers, and other areas.

Why should I register?

As an advice giver, it is necessary to register in order to upload a video. As an advice seeker, by registering you are able to follow specific topics that interest you, and you will be notified when relevant new content is added.

What is Mytonomy PLUS?

Mytonomy PLUS is the enterprise version of Mytonomy for schools that want to have their own private video network.

Why should I contribute a video?

Contributing a video testimonial to Mytonomy is an easy way to give back. Think the people in your life that helped you get to where you are and how important a support network is. Further, recording a thoughtful testimonial can also show potential employers who you are beyond your resume.

How do I contribute a video?

First pick a topic about which you speak in some detail. Choose from our list of predetermined questions. Use a smartphone camera, flip screen video camera, or a webcam to record your video (tip: pick a well lit, quiet place), and transfer the video to your hard drive. Next, sign in to your Mytonomy account. Click your name in the upper right hand corner of the page and choose “Upload a Testimonial,” then click “Browse File.” Choose the video you want to upload from your hard drive and fill out at title, category, question and source. Click “Finish Testimonial” and wait for it to upload. The video will be in the Mytonomy queue where we will vet it before approval.

How do I delete a video?

Go to your dashboard and click the “My Testimonials” button. Click the red trash can button next to the video you want to delete.