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All Mytonomy testimonials are reviewed for appropriateness and quality. Users submit testimonials to an approval queue and the Mytonomy team watches each to ensure there is no inappropriate language or behavior. Mytonomy playlists have been curated by educators at UC Berkeley, while the downloadable resources were created by educators in Northern Virginia.

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  • "Mytonomy was the biggest resource I used throughout my college search that gave me real, unique answers and perspectives about different schools. Junior and senior years went by so fast, and it was so reassuring to know I could go back and rewatch essential videos to make sure I was on the right track. Being able to hear testimonials from students and alumni, and then have the opportunity to reach out to them, is irreplaceable. I absolutely cannot imagine my college search process going so successfully without Mytonomy." - 2014 HS grad, currently at UVA

  • "Mytonomy is a valuable resource that we used while researching colleges for our son... The numerous short videos provided critical insight and helped us navigate the complex admissions process. As a parent, these first hand experience accounts from students, parents, and counselors provided practical advice and enabled us to finalize our list of colleges. Information from this site included tips and pointers, above and beyond what you'd normally get from a college visit." - Parent